5 Tips to Enhance the Space in a Small Bathroom

5 Tips to Enhance the Space in a Small Bathroom

Extending the bathroom walls or tearing down the toilet is costly and time-consuming. Hence, we understand if you don’t have the budget to increase your bathroom’s space by square feet. However, these aren’t the only options to stretch your bathroom’s dimensions.

If you’re planning on a bathroom remodel but don’t want extensive wear and tear, here are some simple tips to make your small bathroom look big!  

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Mirrors

Full-length mirrors provide a great way to increase your bathroom’s space. They give the illusion of a spacious bathroom by stretching and reflecting the original area. Their reflective surfaces brighten up a space by allowing light to bounce around the room.

You can choose from vertical oval mirrors to oversized antique mirrors that elongate your bathroom’s height. Furthermore, materials such as polished countertops and tiles also give the impression of a larger bathroom than what it is!

2. Replace the Shower Curtain

Replacing the shower curtain is a simple yet effective way to make your bathroom look bigger. Sleek and minimal frameless glass shower doors will limit visual interruptions, making it easier to clean. Unlike a shower curtain, shower doors allow you to view the overall setting and don’t require frequent replacements.

3. Opt For Minimal And Sleek Designs

You can reduce visual clutter by installing minimal and sleek-designed faucets and fixtures. Consider vertical cabinets to store maximum toiletries without taking up much flooring space. Avoid installing an oversized tub when you can make do with a shower.

Add a floating sink into your small bathroom if you want to upgrade the minimalist idea. Floating cabinets and sinks provide a convenient and striking buoyant effect. A wall-mounted sink will eliminate the legs, making your bathroom airy and spacious.

Wall-mounted sink and shelves.

4. Use Light Colors

Matt finish and dark tones may look appealing, but they are not a good idea for small bathrooms. It’s essential to use smooth textures and light colors to maximize your bathroom’s space. Install shiny tiles, polished marble surfaces, and icy-chrome faucets to increase your bathroom’s original margins.

5. Install a Skylight

Although a skylight won’t make your bathroom bigger, it’s essential for maintaining the temperature and air quality indoors. Small bathrooms are restricted to light and fresh air. In this context, skylights can let in natural light and also allow you to view the beautiful sky. Following our previous notion of how lighter tones maximize space, a skylight will ultimately make your bathroom look bigger by letting in natural light.

If you wish to install high-quality frameless glass panels in your bathroom, reach out to Apex Glass in Danbury, CT. We can create exceptional designs according to your taste. We’ll take your bathroom’s design to the next level with our custom glass installations. For more details, call us now!




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