How to Get Customers into Your Store After the Pandemic

How to Get Customers into Your Store After the Pandemic

The pandemic took a toll on business as stores were shut down and customers moved to shop online for everything, from groceries to clothes.

However, with the vaccine roll-out,  businesses are slowly opening up again as the restrictions ease. Since businesses have incurred huge losses, they’re looking to attract more customers after approximately two years.

Here are some ways you can boost your revenue.

Change The Outlook Of The Store

Giving the store a fresh look can work wonders. It’s important to have strong visuals, to ensure the products sell. This can be achieved by putting up a glass storefront that sends a clean-cut message.

Strong glass panels give the store a look of elegance while also keeping your merchandise safe from natural elements. Glass storefronts invite the customers inside, giving them a glimpse of the store and also providing a sense of safety and security. It also increases visibility, so you’re aware of the people coming in and leaving the store; this also helps deter burglars and intruders.

Additionally, the glass will reflect light into the store, giving pedestrians a look at your products, advertising them. Glass storefronts can be used to display best-selling goods that will help to sell other products stocked in the store as well.

They come in a variety of colors, i.e., bronze, clear, and even tinted shades, giving you a lot of options to choose from, according to the aesthetics of your store.

You can also use glass deck railings in front of ledges and higher floors. Not only do they look elegant, but they also offer protection.

Maintain an Online Presence

In this tech-savvy world, it is important to have a social media presence that’s regularly updated. Announce that you’re reopening on multiple channels to create hype. This will not only alert existing customers that may be waiting for you to reopen, but it’s also a great way to attract new customers.

Communicate store timings and discounts that you may be offering. Also, use visuals for advertising your products.

Although online tools are important, your in-person presence can make a big difference for customers. Customer satisfaction should always be a priority.

Invest In A Sensory Experience

It’s vital to create a sensory experience of the store so that customers can feel at ease when shopping. Glass curtains and glass storefronts are great additions when it comes to achieving this, as glass creates a light barrier but also helps attract customers.

Create a multi-sensory atmosphere that will appeal to the customers’ five senses. It’s reported that approximately 10% of sales are increased when sensory shopping is utilized.

To create a sensory experience, it is important to pay attention to details, such as the greeting, the overall feel of the store, the music, and the store’s scent. If all of this aligns with the brand image, they can work together to create a sensory experience.

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