Things To Keep in Mind When Selecting the Perfect Shower Door

Things To Keep in Mind When Selecting the Perfect Shower Door


So, you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom and are looking for ideas. One great idea is to replace your shower curtains with doors! It will add style and substance to your bathroom and will give it a modern look. A glass door will further elevate the look of the area. Elegance, beauty, and depth are some of the things to expect with a perfectly fitted shower door.

Bathroom remodeling can be a costly and difficult process. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a professional glass contractor in Fairfield, CT, before deciding on your shower glass door. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect shower door.

Stick To Your Budget

It is always recommended to set a budget before you start glass door shopping. After you’ve decided on a budget, it is more important to stick to it. To get an idea of the shower door prices in the market, you can always consult a professional glass contracting company in Fairfield, CT. The experts can give you an accurate idea of the prevailing shower glass doors prices in the market, that’ll help you decide on a budget.

Style & Design

After deciding on a budget, start your window shopping for glass doors. Gauge your existing bathroom space and look at the styles and designs that’ll fit the existing décor. Don’t go overboard in purchasing a shower door that isn’t compatible with your bathroom. You’ll just end up wasting time and money. If you have a narrow shower, then consider buying a pivoting shower glass door. On the other hand, if your bathroom is spacious and equipped with a bathtub, consider a sliding glass door.

Measure Accurately

One of the most important things to consider before purchasing your shower doors is taking accurate measurements. No matter what type of door you choose, it is always recommended to take accurate measurements. If you’re unable to measure, then consider engaging the services of a professional who can help you get accurate measurements. Moreover, you need to measure twice to make sure that everything is up to the mark. Always remember the rule: Measure Twice, Order Once!

Texture Is Key

Apart from the style and design, you also need to consider the texture of the shower glass doors you choose. The two most commonly used designs are pattern and textured glass. If you like the classic plain one, then you can go with that too. However, always keep in mind the texture that works well with your existing décor. Moreover, you can also consider adding a protective layer to your shower windows to prevent them from scratches and other things such as discoloring.


Keep these things in mind when shopping for a glass door. However, the best way to get the perfect solution for your bathroom is to consult a specialist who has significant expertise in installing shower doors. If you’re on the lookout for expert new glass architects in Fairfield, CT, then check out Apex Glass. We have been providing frameless glass shower doors in Darian, Stamford, and Greenwich, CT, since 1962.


Our unwavering commitment to quality has enabled us to become the best commercial storefront glass and storefront window replacement providers in Stamford, CT. You can request an estimate for your glassworks, visit the website to learn more about our services, or contact us today for your shower glass needs.


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